Comunicare Digitale is active in Italy and other countries in Europe, having as main objective the digital promotion and innovation in the industry, TV production, technology, and research.

With great dedication, excellent results have been achieved in many European countries, with cutting-edge initiatives, like the UHD / 4K, the production of multi-platform content or the implementation of development plans for an Italian national channel.

From 2013, Comunicare Digitale is very active in the European institutional settings, especially at the European Parliament (Brussels and Strasbourg); thanks also to the tender won in multimedia production for the European Parliament Italian Office.

Communicate Digitale is a member of UHD Forum, and partner of DPP (Uk), Afdesi (Fr) and Aedeti (Es). It maintains relationships with over 60 digital media sector in Europe and has a higher reporting database of 30 thousand contacts. Headquarter is based in Lucca, with office in Milan.

Comunicare Digitale is a member of the UHD Forum, partner of DPP (Uk), Afdesi (Fr) and Aedeti (Es); maintains relationships with over 60 digital sector media in Europe and has a database of relationships of over 42,000 professionals and stakeholders.

Comunicare is based in Lucca and is made up of members and associates from the world of digital media.

Since 2017, the exploitation of the brand and know-how has been advocated at Dime Comunicaciones Sl, which is based in Barcelona, ​​with offices in Brussels – Milan and Chiclana de la Frontera, which preserves its spirit and autonomy, important for maintaining its role social media and creative industry.

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