6 - 7 June 2019

Royal College Lucca - Italy


A real incredible digital event!


The European Digital Forum returns for the 16th edition, 6th and 7th June 2019 at the Royal College of Lucca.

The 2019 edition will focus on the 4 most important themes that will influence the future of the European and global technological market. Thanks to the interventions of specialized speakers of the sector, it will be explained how, by now, the SWITCH OFF of 2020 will take place, together with a thorough analysis of the consequent problems.

The 5G will give a new boost to the evolution of the infrastructure, giving rise to a new era. How will it affect us? Will the new verticals in the media be the new way?

More and more often we hear about BLOCKCHAIN, but how does it work? What is the essence of this technology and why does it potentially have many other applications?

CLOUD COMPUTING, more than two million companies, including the largest in the world, are turning to the use of this technology. Nobody escapes the fact that the cloud has become the paradigm of the provision of ICT services by default, but how will this technology evolve?


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Global Media

The media industry is involved in a ferment never seen before. The main world groups have been protagonists of a “revolution” of the market. Such as Disney, Comcast, Time Warner. What will companies like Viacom, Discovery and Mediaset do? Will it be possible to foresee other news?

Blockchain | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019

Blockchain - AI

Many think that the Blockchain is only applied to the world of crypto-coins, but more and more companies are discovering new ways of using it, including in the Media and Content sectors. Some giants of information, like Google, want to use it to defeat the infamous Fake News, other companies want to integrate it to optimize production and sales processes.

5G | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019


Services, contents and vertical markets that revolve around 5G will be the main topics covered. Together we will discover the pillar technology of this new era of telecommunications, with meetings and keynote also on technical and development proposals in the areas involved in the 5G. Verticals, demos and presentations will give the first previews on new services and scenarios.

OTT | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019

OTT Platform

After Netflix and Hulu, the Disney and Apple proposals have arrived. Amazon is organizing new productions. Will the customized product win?

Switch Off | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019

Switch Off

The first January 2020 is the Switch-Off to MPEG4. How will the way in which Italians receive television will change and incentives will be provided? How to prevent 6 million TV sets from “going black”? What are the steps to better manage the transition to the new standard?

Cloud Computing | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019

Cloud Computing

About 2 million companies worldwide are already using this new technology. We’re talking about a slice of the market with a trillion dollar business capacity around the Cloud. For this reason we can say that we are still at the beginning of the real potential of the Cloud and that 2019 will give further examples of how this growth can reach markets and subjects, worldwide.

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Piazza del Collegio, 13
55100 Lucca

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